I see lines across our Planet and we stay within our own

Isn’t this Planet supposed to be all our home

One day, long ago, someone planted a flag

Unfortunately, for us, they didn’t go stag

Then the rest of humanity followed suit

If someone else was there, they just gave them the boot

Now it’s all out of hand and damaged beyond repair

The Lines are drawn with no room to spare

Is there a country left with only the one’s who came first

I beg to differ, all cover this Earth

Go to any Country, take a look around

It’s not all white, tan or brown

It’s a Rainbow of color with different tones

All wanting the same thing, a place to call home

But someone drew Lines and said that’s not for you

Only my people are allowed to pass through

If the Planet wanted Lines it would have placed them itself

It would probably have been wise considering her health

All the same animal with all this room to grow

But if you cross that Line, someones sure to say no

DAP 5/9/19 Written with Love

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