My Love


Seven years ago my life took an unexpected turn. I had never believed that I would be worthy of such a gift. A gift, not only to me, but everyone who’s life she touches. Before this beautiful woman I knew nothing of comfort, belonging or connection, I thought that I did, I learned different. We met at Pirate coffee in OB and since that blind date there is very little time we spend apart. She is my best friend, my beautiful lover, the mother to our incredible daughter, the shoulder that’s always ready to be leaned on, the one who is always concerned with others feelings, the woman who isn’t afraid to probe her own feelings, the lady that questions her own intentions when doing something charitable, the honest person who doesn’t let me just slide by or not be healthier, the one who has held me up high every time I thought I was about to crumble down, the one who opened her soul to me with nothing left unsaid, the one who makes me truly believe that every moment is a gift and the one who knows more about my screwed up life than anyone, and chooses not to judge, the person who gives without expecting return, the woman I call My Love and couldn’t possibly live without. I love you my beautiful, you are my soul and this connection I could find no where else. I love you Happy Anniversary My Love

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