Alcohol Relief

Mexico 2015

The journey has been rocky

Now there is some relief

I didn’t know I had such emotions

The realizations are beyond belief

I spent 30+ years creating who I thought I was

I now realize I was only what I saw through a buzz

The fog that was lifted revealed a world unknown

I’m finding out that all I was, was alone

Constantly adapting to make time for my drink

Emotion and stress creating a horrible link

Not seeing the harm or the hurt that I gave

I now hold it and see it and it’s something to save

The lessons, the pain, the uncertain end

These are the matters that I now tend

I never thought my will could do something so great

Whether I’m a good person is still up for debate

I feel like I’m back when I walked out my parents door

Too young to understand I still need to learn much more

Two years now without even the thought of a sip

FINALLY, I have this tormentor of my life firmly in my grip

Written with Love and for my family DAP 7/2/19

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