Social Anxiety

I try not to look to deep into what others might think

As I look around though, it seems our countries on the brink

The brink of what I’m still reaching to grasp

I’m sure when it’s figured out we will all hear the countries gasp

I don’t believe one man caused it but he sure does help

It’s a movement of superiority and grandiosity of one’s self

What right is ours to say we matter more than another

I believe every other man is my brother

Unless proven otherwise I cast no doubt

It matters to me what this persons all about

That’s the essence that makes us great

Instead we get continued debate

We’ve policed too many and our time is near

Remember Rome? Creating a society based in fear

It didn’t work then and I hope we’ve learned

Change our thinking or watch it burn

The time has come for a universal view of what we create

Our greed and wealth stimulate so much hate

Turning man against man for the all mighty buck

At this point we are riding on pure luck written with love 7/24/19

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