Gold. How has this come to pass?

Somewhere long ago, someone traded something he had for something someone else had. Bartering was born and worked just fine. Then, someone found something shiny and new and someone else liked it. It became the source of desire to all. Something shiny and pretty and men searched for ages and still do. Now, I understand some sort of payment system needed to be devised, but this material object that is so divine, is now the passion of most of the planet! It’s worthless, when it all comes down to it! It won’t hydrate or feed you, therefore, worthless. One reason I want my children to be self sufficient. I am not the biggest influence yet, but my wife is and college is helping me to understand the culture I come from and the pure absurdity of what we make important.

I have grown up in the lower middle-class, 30 years ago, which now makes me poverty level. I have never taken money over Morales as an adult and have worked hard for what little I have. Now disabled and unable to qualify for anything from the State, that I have paid into for the last 30 years, it is more evident than ever that none of us, as citizens, really matter to the one’s who are supposed to look after us. We line there pockets for talking a good line and they take us hook, line and sinker. They pay physicians to kill us and penalize them when they don’t. They charge citizens enormous amounts to stay healthy, all the while making them sick. Let alone, it should be a perk of being an American: A home, An Education and a doctor. That should be the base for every American to start with. Success is not guaranteed, but at least the playing field is level.

The point of all this: Greed has taken over and all else matters not. Your, or my, small little world makes no impact on the upper world un less you manage to wiggle in, which ain’t easy, unless your a superstar or reality tv personality, apparently. Sad, the things we find so important on a daily basis have no value. Something’s coming, something big and I would just suggest people get their things in order. Can you feel it in the air? I can, and it’s not okay. Keep close the real things that matter and make those moments that we live for, otherwise, what a waste.

DAP 9/8/19 Written with Love

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