Tech Age

Reality it seems is just an image of sorts

Your image depends on your appearance in those shorts

Your social life is absorbing yet far from reach

Your knowledge from YouTube and what they teach

That’s not interaction of a personal sort

That’s connecting to others via a port

Try looking up while standing in line

You’ll be the only one most of the time

To the barista we extend our phone

If we spoke out loud I might offend with a tone

We’ve started to integrate tech into man

instituting change with no formal plan

It consumes our daily and emotions as well

All can be solved just text “go to hell”

Misunderstandings abound and tweets cause havok

New tech every year and we’ve got to have it

1% make billions while the rest of us starve

Why did I quit drinking let’s go back to the bar

This evolution of tech has brought the “give me now”

If allowed we’d sit and grow fat as a sow

An age of indulgence riding on a credit score

There’s never a time to say “no more”

I’m grateful to know life before tech

The way shits heading Terminators on deck

DAP 9/9/19 Written with love

P.S. Go out, have a conversation, talk to a stranger, create a smile, share a hug (careful with whom), enjoy the day because if your reading this your alive, LIVE.

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