Citizen Earth

Is it really that hard to be a citizen of the Earth

Just a Being on the planet at the time of birth

No color or creed to decide who ascends

A place where happiness is the current trend

There would be no lines to separate the states

No man in a house to decide another beings fate

Teach what you have learned to those called yours

integrate everything and open all doors

What right is anyone’s to claim what’s been given

Freedom and prosperity are individual decisions

Let each person choose what happiness is to them

My peace and your peace might be a different Zen

The brief time we are gifted at the beginning of the trip

Might look alot different than our ending spot to sit

All people different yet amazingly them same

One’s choices for happiness should never bring shame

Respect to each and opinion mute

One planet, one people no dispute

Freedom to roam is our right as a citizen of the Earth

It should never depend on what your worth

DAP Written with Love 10/3/19

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