Way of Things

I live on pleasant visions of calms sea and light breeze

Times before traumas and emotions like these

Drifting lightly across the top of the tides

As if taking the absurdness of this in stride

Rising high above the pillows adrift

each breathe drawn in a precious gift

gliding back to somewhat solid ground

My smile slightly tips towards frown

How is it possible to feel so high

as I stand on the ground and stare at the sky

The dream I drift into is refreshing and bright

then the grayness returns and delivers my plight

Stand on the ground but don’t stand in one place

the spot where your standing can never be replaced

Keep moving and living and loving those close

Keep smiling and striving and live how you’ve chose

That dream helps remind those still standing still

the time that wasn’t given is ours to fulfill

One never knows what hurdles life brings

I’m coming to understand that sometimes, it’s just the way of things

DAP 10/8/19 Written with Love for my son “Bud”

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