How many times do we hear, “I have a blog….what now?”, Or, “I want to share my ideas / Brand with the world but have no idea how to get it out there”. Or another of my favorites is, “I keep getting redirected into rabbit-holes and may have purchased something without knowing it”. That last one’s my favorite. I myself experienced this when I was just starting out. These troublesome issues I mentioned, and there are so many more, can be easily resolved with the right knowledge. Well, I have that knowledge and am here to spare you the trauma of getting a quality Web-page / Blog up and running and placed in the right Niche for your Brand.

That being said, I am here to help whether you donate or not, so I want to share a few starting points that are often missed or forgotten at the beginning of the Blog building process. These points that I will share with you mostly deal with securing your information and a domain on a good platform for your audience / market / Brand.

  1. Find a Domain – As we all know, the internet is “booming”. Everything Tech is popular and many of us are learning how to work for ourselves instead of “The Man”. It’s a whole new world and although there are plenty of ipv4 & ipv6 addresses available, the name you want to represent your Brand may not be, for long. (.com) is the most saute after domain, but it is relatively hard to secure specific names at this point. (.org) is great for an organization but small businesses tend to get buried in the SEO phase, pushed down below the many organizations, with major backing. So, the first step is to create a great name that is as SHORT AS POSSIBLE and as close to your brand name as you can get it.
  2. Web Host – This needs to be considered in conjunction with your Domain purchase. There will be a little research involved to find the best pricing, but generally, you should find a domain with a Host Platform that already has good traffic. There are quite a few out there with some very reasonable prices, you just have to look a little. One that I suggest is “1&1 IONOS”, this is a great Domain host, I purchased the Domain for $1 and it gave me a free WordPress, which is a great Blog Forum with plenty of traffic. I ended up being offered a year for $3 a month ($36 for the year), a great price. These are only a couple of options in a Web full of options so I would look around a bit first. You might want to look at the Website platform before hand as well, to make sure it is in line with your Brand, whatever form it may come in.
  3. Page Appeal – Use your creativity to create eye catching and magnetic appeal. This is a combination of enticing content and page appeal or structure. Having a fluid page is essential to keeping your audience interacting with your work / Brand. Glitches, animation overload or clutter (too many points of focus in a small area) can kill the audience experience quickly. Make sure your Host is solid, secure and speedy or it may cost you. Check your spelling. There’s nothing more ridiculous than someone advertising as a content writer and do something like “beleive”. This just looks like a failure to pay attention to details. Take the time to go over what you write before publishing. Often times, I have new ideas that relate to what I wrote and I end up with even more quality content, which will fuel your SEO, the most important concept.
  4. Links – Add your various links to your Web-page / Blog so the audience have the option to venture further into your creations, if they like. You can also add embedded code so that things like your Facebook feed will also show up on your Page.
  5. Subscribe / Like / Share / Join – There is no bigger support that you can give a writer / Brand / Blog than adding yourself to their email list, sharing their content or items that you enjoy, liking or joining their page and commenting on posts they share. Just like I am trying to gain exposure for my Content Writing, they are trying to gain exposure for their Brand. (whatever that may be) To not give the same respect to those with the same goal as you could end up very fruitless.
  6. Updates – Your a writer, Write! You have to post frequently if you are trying to grow your Brand and it needs to be quality content of no one’s coming back. If your writing for fun, that’s fine, but even the lonely writer wants a “like” or “share” occasionally. Some sort of recognition that they aren’t the only one feeling that way, maybe. If your having trouble with content, then I guarantee you have issues with your SEO. That’s why there are people like me who specialize in relieving some of the stress of trying to bring attention to your creation. Ask me about my services and I will be happy to assist you however I can.

Well my friends, thank you for joining me. Remember, writing is a passion, do it because you love to. The moment it stops being a pleasure, maybe set it down for a bit, never forever. Too much knowledge has been discovered centuries after being written, that may have made a difference in the progression of man, don’t leave unsaid what might need to be said again later. Just keep writing. Happy Blogging Everyone!

DAP Written with Passion 10/21/19

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