I hate that I have to write this

I hate that few care

I hate what we are doing to our Planet

I hate that there is so much hate in the world

I hate that we can’t co-exist with each other

I hate that everyone seems to think they are owed something

I hate that people force their ideas on others

I hate that money is more important than life

I hate that there’s so much wealth in the world yet people are still starving

I hate that governments think they have the right to choose what’s best for us

I hate that my Country has become a bully instead of a blessing

I hate that religion creates so much hate

I hate that I’m not sure what future I might be giving my children

I hate that individuals think they can’t make a difference or help when everyone can

I hate that Lines divide our world

I hate that Love isn’t the most important thing to share with each other

I hate that it is looking really bad if humanity can’t come together

I hate today’s urgency to shoot each other

I hate that so many of our countries young men have lost their lives, for greed

I hate that there seems to be no end to all this until something devastating

I hate that I care enough for these things to affect me emotionally

I hate that the people who truly try to help are destroyed

I hate that the only thing I can do to help is write this

DAP 10/24/19 Written with Love

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