A New Beginning to an Old Story

So here I sit, on the verge of fifty, re-evaluating and re-thinking everything I have known to be normal. Your average, working class, American Joe who is educating himself on the multitude of transitions our Country is currently putting itself through. We are being bombarded on all sides by fears of, well, just about everything. Yes, there is plenty to worry about but the threat comes of our own doing, our own conjuration of what we need! In my youth, American culture and pride is what we knew. Everyone in the schools and government was in agreement, in appearance, with a common enemy, Communism.

We believed it when they told us to drink milk, and cottage cheese and yogurt are healthy or bacon is good and so is beef. Eat eggs for protein and lots of delicious, savory chicken, it’s the healthier meat. Now, I’m not a hypocrite, I was raised on Baseball, football and BBQ’s. I gave my kids vaccinations, candy, snacks, some veggies, fast food, video games and plenty of American pride, same as I received. My three older children have all turned out to be wonderful young adults and my oldest son died in 2016 while still in uniform serving our Country. The reason I added this is so you truly understand my intent and my need to educate, not only my remaining three kids, but you as a person, because it’s your right to lead a great and long life, if you choose.

This change that I am making is as extreme a change as I could make and it has been easy to do since researching some of the information on health, diseases and the people SAYING they are there to help. The built in cycle of sickening ourselves continuously and paying for medication that keeps us sick for a lifetime! And they have us all convinced that anyone who finds proof otherwise is a fraud! The environmentalists and activists are kooks and have no proof! Well, they do have proof, and it’s overwhelming. The first thing I realized when my research started was that Humans are vegan. We were never meant to eat meat in the first place.

Have you ever noticed that the biggest and strongest mammals on the planet are herbivores? This, for me, put’s to rest the meat diet that is suggested in sports to build body mass. More importantly, there is a direct link to heart disease related to meat, and some of the Groups that say they are searching for the cure, are actually sponsored by a host of companies in the slaughtering business. The meat is diseased and filled with injected chemicals before it every arrives on your plate. Some of the things I found while researching made my stomach turn, including, the knowledge and support of the US Government. This system was so incredibly streamlined, that today, the groups “fighting for the cure” are actually just “making a huge profit”. The money goes to treating the patients, not eliminating Cancer all together. The fact that they allow a yogurt company to sponsor them, when the chances for breast cancer increase by 48% when you consume the product, is proof to the boldness of those in charge.

The last thing I ever wanted to say is “I’m vegan” or “vegetarian”! In my time as a youth, those people got beat up. With the current research tools available now though, I like being educated much better. I have worried about my kids futures, cancer, nuclear war, Communism, Aids, Vaccinations, plastics, our planet, the ocean, war and when “the big one” is going to hit! Never in my wildest dreams did I believe a solution could be so simple, easy and uncomplicated, and at the same time, impossible! There is black tape being put over the mouth of the information, hidden in a crowd of lobbyists, Corporations, manufacturers and Government Representatives that we all know stand to lose a huge amount of wealth if the truth is known.

I am tired of being their victim and I want to inform as many as I can, that there is a way to stop, turn-around or change the outcome and life of those that are smart enough to listen, to not just to me, research it yourself, it’s blatantly obvious. The biggest causes of the medical conditions most associated with being “American” can be cured, eliminated or reversed by what this Planet has provided us. Big money and Government has decided that keeping us ignorant and sick is better. So, an epiphany, has happened for me. Through exposure to the facts and living proof through my youngest daughter. Join me at YouTube.com@PaddytheBlogger to make the change and choose to live, not only longer, but with the less fear and the knowledge that everyone can make a difference.

I will begin a log of my dietary changes and prove the power of plants. I will also be speaking more about my starting health condition and see if this change to a Plant-based diet is as great as I have come to believe it to be, or if things remain the same. Join me on my journey and join in if it suits you, no pressure, it’s your life, but what I have come to realize is, we are handing this world to our kids, and as I treat my own, I refuse to send any that I can reach into the future ill-equipped and ignorant of something they need to fully participate in: Plant-based, vegan, anti-animal-cruelty, pollution, Ozone activist, tree-hugger………..whatever or whoever you are, your argument is with farmers: Cattle, pigs, chickens and fish. The pollutants they cause and disease they spread were never for us to ingest in the first place. But ask an American to give up Chicken or steak? It’s sure to be an unreasonable response. Join me and hopefully we can make a difference, for real.

DAP 11/5/19 Written with Love

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